Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joci's blessing/sealing dress

Jocelyn's blessing dress

Joci's hat

skirt of Jocelyn's dress
Bodice view of Joci's dress

Lara asked me to make Jocelyn a dress for her sealing and blessing. Her adoption should be finalized soon so Lara has made a date for this special occasion in the Salt Lake Temple. Afterwards we will meet at a nice restaurant (probably the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) and that is where Joci will be blessed. I was reluctant to undertake such a project since I haven't sewn clothing in a long time. I used to love to make little dresses but this seemed like a big challenge now at my age. I told Lara she could purchase one for not much more than the fabric, etc. she would choose to have me make one. Lara insisted that no matter what the cost of materials it had to made by Joci's grandmother Hays. So with fear and trepidation I undertook this project. I really am rusty at sewing and because there were some modifications from the pattern I had to think, rethink, and then pray about how I would make them and make it all fit together. I had to unpick and redo a few parts, but I always did that even when I was younger.

Here is the final result. Oh yes, I had to make a hat too. Fortunately I found a pattern with a hat. My next hope and prayer is that she won't grow too big for it by December 12th.

Also, I am posting a picture of our new bathroom flooring we had installed yesterday. It is a fiberglass vinyl that is supposed to wear better than regular vinyl. I prefer the comfort of vinyl to tile so resisted having tile put in. I personally think carpet in a bathroom is just wrong and wish builders didn't do that. I'm sure they carpet because it costs less than either tile, laminate, or vinyl. So far I really like it. It is definitely warmer and softer than a tile floor would be. I realized tile is supposed to have a better resell value but since this is guaranteed for 20 years I'm not going to worry about it. Will I still be in this home 20 years from now?

We decided to save the money to pay the installer to remove and replace the toilets. Dave said he could move the toilets out by himself. Upon reinstalling them we ran into all kinds of problems. (leaks) After several attempts to stop the leaks, smashing his thumb to the point we had to heat up a paperclip and burn through his nail to releive the pressure (blood spurted out quite readily when we did that) Ray, our borther in law, came over to rescue Dave. We had been all day without a pot to pee in and we are thankful for Ray's help at a time Dave's back was about to give out.

new bathroom flooring

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dave and I are back in Laie, Hawaii doing volunteer work for BYUH and also for the Ploynesian Cultural Center. We've served here three other summers, skipping last year for our Island Park camping trip. So this will be our 4th term here, ranging from 2 months to 4 months a visit.

At first we were scheduled to work during May and June. We found out in late April our reserved apartment for us service missionaries was no longer available to us and we were on our own to find outher housing. Because of the high cost of off campus housing we elected not to serve this year. Then we heard via the grapevine that a student here (and her family) needed to sublease her student housing apartment while she went to Micronesia for and internship for two months. We thought long and hard about it, and decided we should go and help out one more time while we are still healthy enough to do so.

We arrived on July 5th. While unpacking we came to realize the bug infestation in this apartment and my first reaction was to pack up my bags and fly home. Well, we have tried everything we can to get rid of the insects crawling about. So far we have gone through a gallon of Ortho home defense sparay. Being not very effective we bought another brand, Bayer, and it seems to be stronger. We've had housekeeping come in and seal up gaps in the screens and caulk around the bathtub. We spray and kill and clean and then they all must be resurrected because they are back again.

When I prepare our meals it is imperative that I hurray fast, replace lids immediately, wrap things up and guard the sandwich so the bugs don't crawl in it and become a part of it.

Enough about bugs. We enjoyed taking tickets at a Luau at the PCC. The couples who volunteer there dress in matching Aloha shirts and Muumuus which is a requirement. It is always fun to mingle with the visitors there. Afterwards we enjoyed a prime rib dinner at the Ambassador restaurant, the premier one at the PCC, where we eat for free when we volunteer our services.

Out work in the office, gathering MSD sheets and updating the books for the various shops at the university is going well. The hard part for me is to relearn how to use the excel program and now with a new computer I have to adjust to it as well.

We enjoy going to the beach and relaxing there, watching the surf and soaking in the sun. Sometimes we drive to Lanikea Beach where the Hawaiian Green turtles feed and come to shore to bask in the sun. You have to be careful while swimming and snorkeling there or they bump right into you. They are pretty big and when that happens I usually scream and try hard to move out of their way.

It is fun to be here but we miss our family and friends. We are looking forward to Lara's & Justin's visit here as well as the Spencers. I'm praying they will get on a flight because traveling standby can be so iffy and the flights are very full in the summertime.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Time Member

Yeah, I finally did it! I joined Weight Watchers on Jan 15, 2008 and have now lost 19 pounds and have achieved my "Lifetime Membership" which means I don't have to pay for the meetings each week. And actually I am required to attend only one a month now. I know some of you are probably tired of hearing about this weight loss process that has seemed to absorb my life these past months. However, I have been overweight for the past 20 years and have kept telling myself over and over again I will lose it one of these days. Well I finally made a commitment to spend birthday and Christmas money and join a program that would make me show some accountabililty as I weighed in each week.

This process has been the hardest thing I have ever done, except for giving birth 5 times. About 10 years ago I went on a drug called Phen-fen and lost 20 pounds. My doctor told me at the time the drug could kill me and that I would gain the weight back. Fortunately for me I didn't die but regain the weight I did. (The drug did cause heart damage in some people, and some died from it so it was taken off of the market).

I really hope I can maintain my present weight and have lots of encouragement from all of you. so don't offer me too many desserts. I do enjoy hiking and it is much easier for me now that I feel lighter.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Race for the Cure

On May 10th I and my 3 sisters, Annette, Marianne, and Lorrie joined in with 17,000 others (men, women, and children) for the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, a 3 mile race, walk, or stroll for breast cancer research. Everyone there had someone they were walking for who had survived breast cancer or in memory of someone who had not. Also there were many who were survivors themselves wearing pink t-shirts to set them apart from the others.

At first Lorrie encouraged me to go with her since I was in Salt Lake anyway tending Stephanie's & Jeff's children while they were in Boston. Jeff had a business trip there and Steph joined him later. Jeff's sisters and Mom took over the childcare so I could participate in the race. Lorrie suggested that Annette & Marianne join us too, so Ray, Marianne's dedicated husband consented to drive them up from St. George to join in the fun.

I loved the fact that the four of us could participate together. Who knows what the future holds as we are all getting older. One of these days we won't be able to walk very far at all. Right now we all have great health. We donned our special shirts and pinned sign on our back "in memory of Blanche Belcher". Although my mother didn't actually die of breast cancer she did suffer from it and dealt with the scars of a major masectomy. Her mother died of breast cancer in about 1930.

We had beautiful weather for the walk. We got up early and Lorrie drove us to the tracks station on 90th south where we boarded the train. Boy was it crowded. Some kind person gave up his seat for me, otherwise I would have been standing the whole trip to the Gateway where the race began. Poor Lorrie, being younger, wasn't offered a seat and had to stand the whole way.

The race started off slowly as we shuffled along with the crowd but after a while we could pick up the pace. Whole families participated and it was exciting to be there in the crowd and all of the activity. Cheerleaders with pom poms cheered us on our way. At the half way point we received a drink of water but since the temperature was on the cool side none of us was panting with heat exhaustion or anything like that.

After the race and the much needed potty break we visited many of the booths that were set up at the Gateway mall area. We got some free food and small prizes then caught the tracks train and rode back to the car.

Lorrie made us a special salmon dinner with lots of vegetables. She barbecued it all and it was so delicious. Steve and Andrea joined us for dinner along with Nick and Rene (friends of Annette's). We rented a movie and after our guests left the four of us girls and Ray sat down and watched the chic flick, "P.S. I Love You". I cried a lot during the movie. Not only was it very sad, but my allergies to cats started acting up. I suppose the nice warm blanket we used to cuddle up under was covered with cat hair. Anyway, my eyes itched and watered during the whole movie.

Sunday morning Lorrie made us a special mother's day brunch. It all tasted soooo very good to me. I totally blew my diet away. It's hard to be with family and not eat. Thank you Lorrie for this special time with you, Annette, & Marianne. Thank you Ray for you eternal patience. I know that this was a gift from heaven and we could feel our mother's presence with us throughout the day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lorrie, Brett, and Portia arrived here this evening. We all went to Chuck a Rama for our dinner. Portia seemed to wander around the food tables in amazement and really did enjoy it all. We plan on having a picnic tomorrow after church. I get to make a cake and a salad. It is always great when all of us sisters get together for dinner. We each bring something and it all tastes wonderful. Our men really love the variety of food when we all chip in. The weather here is soooo nice.

A wonderful concert.

Last night I, Spencers and Annette attended a wonderful concert held at DSU. It was a fund raiser for the St. George Musical Theater. The main performer was George Dyer who sang magnificently. I cried when he sang "Bring Him Home". He sang several songs songs from Les Miserables. Music of the Night, and Phantom of the Opera. Everything he sang permeated my soul. There were other performers who were great as well. I couldn't believe I could attend such a wonderful concert for only $15.00. Afterwards we went for ice cream at the Iceburg. Marianne shamed me into ordering some even though I wanted to pass on it. So, Annette and I shared and then sent the rest home for Clyde. Those milkshakes are huge. They ought to be ashamed selling such large portions.

We are so blessed to live here in St. George and to enjoy the great talent that is here. It is top notch and can be compared to anything in Los Angeles or New York (so we have been told by people who know). My only regret about tonight is that my husband chose not to go with us and missed out on all of this beautiful music that I know he would have enjoyed. Oh welll, I guess the Jazz game won out.