Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joci's blessing/sealing dress

Jocelyn's blessing dress

Joci's hat

skirt of Jocelyn's dress
Bodice view of Joci's dress

Lara asked me to make Jocelyn a dress for her sealing and blessing. Her adoption should be finalized soon so Lara has made a date for this special occasion in the Salt Lake Temple. Afterwards we will meet at a nice restaurant (probably the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) and that is where Joci will be blessed. I was reluctant to undertake such a project since I haven't sewn clothing in a long time. I used to love to make little dresses but this seemed like a big challenge now at my age. I told Lara she could purchase one for not much more than the fabric, etc. she would choose to have me make one. Lara insisted that no matter what the cost of materials it had to made by Joci's grandmother Hays. So with fear and trepidation I undertook this project. I really am rusty at sewing and because there were some modifications from the pattern I had to think, rethink, and then pray about how I would make them and make it all fit together. I had to unpick and redo a few parts, but I always did that even when I was younger.

Here is the final result. Oh yes, I had to make a hat too. Fortunately I found a pattern with a hat. My next hope and prayer is that she won't grow too big for it by December 12th.

Also, I am posting a picture of our new bathroom flooring we had installed yesterday. It is a fiberglass vinyl that is supposed to wear better than regular vinyl. I prefer the comfort of vinyl to tile so resisted having tile put in. I personally think carpet in a bathroom is just wrong and wish builders didn't do that. I'm sure they carpet because it costs less than either tile, laminate, or vinyl. So far I really like it. It is definitely warmer and softer than a tile floor would be. I realized tile is supposed to have a better resell value but since this is guaranteed for 20 years I'm not going to worry about it. Will I still be in this home 20 years from now?

We decided to save the money to pay the installer to remove and replace the toilets. Dave said he could move the toilets out by himself. Upon reinstalling them we ran into all kinds of problems. (leaks) After several attempts to stop the leaks, smashing his thumb to the point we had to heat up a paperclip and burn through his nail to releive the pressure (blood spurted out quite readily when we did that) Ray, our borther in law, came over to rescue Dave. We had been all day without a pot to pee in and we are thankful for Ray's help at a time Dave's back was about to give out.

new bathroom flooring


Lara said...

Oh, Mom, it looks breathtaking! I can't wait to see it in real life! Thank you so much...this will be a precious keepsake for the rest of Jocelyn's life.

P.S. If two government agents in black suits show up on your doorstep tomorrow demanding where you got the money to install your new floor, I will have a very red face. :P

Frederick Family said...

The dress is beautiful. Maybe you could make Ellie a Dorthy costume dress for Halloween???
I love the new flooring. The variety of colors in the floor look great.

Jamie Boyd said...

I am one of Lara's good friends. I just wanted to tell you that the dress is absolutely beautiful. The perfect dress for such a sweet little miracle.

Melissa said...

I never would have guessed you haven't sewn for awhile! You did a fabulous job! There is something special about having homemade rather than the mass produced dress.

Alexis Belcher said...

I love the dress it is so beautiful. We miss every one and wish we were there. The flooring looks great too. I hope Daves thumb was not to bad.